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Did you know that grain entrapment incidents occur weekly? But there’s good news: innovative commodity storage solutions are driving down those numbers, and Industrial Contracting Solutions (ICS) is leading the charge with our newly developed Bin Access Covers.

Recently, ICS installed two of these cutting-edge access covers at an existing grain storage site. This enabled them to have uncompromised access to the bin roof wiring components. Previously, temperature monitoring wiring would be exposed, and any access to the components would need to be done via internal service operation. This process, while viable, has a few drawbacks when compared to ICS‘ latest design of access covers.

Main Benefits of Bin Access Covers

  • Cost Reduction: Eliminate the need to hire rescue teams during confined entry operations. ICS Bin Access Covers allow for any necessary electrical work to be performed externally, removing the need for costly safety personnel waiting on standby.
  • Enhanced Safety: Workers can now confidently access critical bin roof wiring components without risking their well-being. Now every task—from routine maintenance to emergency repairs—can be performed with minimal risk.
  • Time Savings: Waiting for internal service opportunities via top bin entry can be frustrating and inefficient. With ICS Bin Access Covers, you’re in control. Swift, direct access means less downtime and more productivity.
  • Weatherproof Seal: Professional-grade sealant ensures that these hatches remain weatherproof, protecting your valuable commodities year-round. Rain or shine, your bin roof components stay dry and functional.

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