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Industrial Contracting Solutions

About Us

For over 10 years, Industrial Contracting Solutions Inc. (ICS) has been dedicated to providing top quality electrical and automation services to each customer we work with. Based out of Stratford, Ontario, ICS specializes in the feed and grain industry, maintaining the highest dedication and professionalism for any project we are involved in.

Each ICS employee is committed to providing the highest quality and safety when it comes to their work, ensuring each of our customers’ needs are met or exceeded. Our licensed electricians have years of experience within the industrial sector and are passionate about their work, taking pride every project completed. No matter what your project scale or need is, ICS will work with you to find a solutions which works best.


Our Safety Compliance

ICS always ensures a secure and efficient installation, abiding by all ESA and OHSA requirements to guarantee a safe environment for customers, employees, and the general public. We further our commitment to safety through our full-time Health and Safety Officer, who performs regular worksite inspections and continually improves our safety policies where needed. Our safety services include equipment, PSR’s, ESA, and more.